Piekut Advisory provides business and legal consulting related to foreign and local markets.

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Piekut Advisory is a family enterprise that is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals, whether it is entering foreign market, solving legal problem or forming a new strategy. We believe that your success is key to our success. We are highly engaged, young but experienced, dedicated advisors to your company. Not matter if you are micro, small, medium or multinational enterprise we offer adding value to your business.

Understanding global trends

Following the global trade and investment trends led us to specializing in Chinese market.

Interdisciplinary approach

We provide one-stop service from business to legal consulting. Piekut Advisory has also capability of providing other services needed by our partners, including insurance, logistics and accounting.


We do not advertise. Most of our clients come from recommendation. We believe high quality service is the best advertisement.


Our services are tailored-made to your needs.


We are there for you from the beginnings providing valuable market analysis, preparing your entrance strategy, your branding and marketing, optimizing your costs.

Legal & Regulatory

Our lawyers and partners will make sure that your investment or transaction is safe. We will help you establish a company, protect your IT, sign a valid contract and or even negotiate it if needed. In case of dispute we are capable of providing your legal representation in EU and China.

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